Free Classified Ads. How much are they actually costing you?


If you are posting ads on craigslist, kijiji, backpage, and other free classified sites, then this is a very important article for you to read.

Case in point. My wife has a cleaning business. If she was to advertise her business in Craigslist, she will have to accept around 20.00/hr max per person she sends on a job. This is even on the high end, as a lot of Craigslist cleaners start their wage out at 15.00/hr.

Knowing this, people that are looking for NON registered companies and cheap services, search there. This draws the types of clients that can be a “royal pain in the you know what”. In all my years experience in marketing, I have learned one eternal truth. The cheaper your price is, the more problematic your customers are. Their expectations will always exceed what can be delivered for the low end price.

Do you want your business to make more money?

The easiest way to do this is to increase your price and your hours working simultaneously.

Ultimately, this is also how you scale your business to be larger, and step away from working “inside” your business to stepping into a management role “growing” your business.

The number one complaint small business owners have is working long hours for not enough money.  This is the exact model of free classified listings. If you are advertising in free classified sites,  you will have a hard time growing the business because you will be working it all the time with no time to “grow it”.  On top of that, even if you can get enough work which in most cases never happens from free classified sites, you will not be able to hire people to take your place, because your rates will be too  low.  If you raise your rates, you will be out priced in a very cheap marketplace for your work.

How would you like to increase your hourly rates for your service? would you like a stronger conversion from customer enquiries to actually becoming a customer?

Here are some examples of customers that have hired us and STOPPED advertising in cheap free classified sites:

  • Cleaning company that went from 8 regular customers to over 40 in a matter of a few months at a rate that was 40% higher/hour
  • Plumbing company that seen an increase of 24% in profits in its first year
  • Audio Installation Company that seen website traffic spike by 100% within 2 months

These are just a few samples of customers that are reaping the rewards of being at the top of Google and other search engines.

Before you go and think that this is too expensive to your business, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. On my current pace, am I going to be able to grow my business significantly over the next year?
  2. If I keep on advertising in free classified sites, will I get to work less and make more money?
  3. How much is it costing me per hour to advertise in a marketplace of bargain hunters?
  4. Do I owe myself enough to at least inquire about what I can do to make more money and work less hours?

If those questions make you think, then it is time to give us a call.

Look, I know where you are at right now.  It is an all too familiar place as I started many businesses over the past 20 years on a shoestring budget.  My beliefs were all wrong.  I did what I did because I THOUGHT you needed a huge budget to be able to attract higher end clients.  I “THOUGHT” that by advertising on craigslist and kijiji that this was a great place t0 start building a business.

I was wrong.

With My Web Marketing Services, I and my team have helped businesses start from scratch and make over 6 figures profit in the first year.  I have helped create a strong internet marketing presence on a fraction of the budgets that most companies believe.

downloadOur results in most cases are immediate, and may require a 1 month budget to get things started.  After that, the majority of our clients are able to fund more, and more advertising directly from their profits.  Although we cannot guarantee you any level of profitability by choosing to market your business with us, we can show you case studies, and research on your particular industry that can help us predict the amount of success you will have by marketing with our team of experienced marketing professionals.

Should you abandon free classified sites marketing?

This answer depends a lot on what you are marketing.  It also depends on what kinds of results you are getting marketing in better places that cost money.  I would rather pay 100 dollars a month for every 1000/month in business than spending 0 and getting a cap of 1000/month in business.  Although you are getting a higher % return on the free advertising, you will cap out on the amount of business you can get, and also have more problematic clients that suck your business resources and time in trouble shooting problems, or in customer support.

Likewise, I would rather spend 500.00 month and get 10,000 dollars/month in business, and get clients that are happy, easier to keep, and will do business with you in years.

Some things are hard to measure in the short term, HOWEVER I can measure any business that is advertising effectively with us against ANY company advertising in free classified sites, and show you measurable results and a better bottom line with less grief faster than you ever would have imagined.

Give us a call today to see what we can do for your business, or fill in the form to the right hand side of this site, and I will be sure to get back to you within 1 business day.

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