Why build an app for your business?

Mobile applications have become very popular in recent years for both businesses as a marketing tool, and as a user to assist quickly with everyday normal activities.  Having an app built for your business can not only set you apart from your competition, but more importantly put your business in the highest conversion location, the smartphone.

Studies have shown that mobile users have the strongest conversion from switching from a “window shopper” to a visitor to your location and/or most importantly a customer.

quick_factsHere are some quick facts about mobile usage and what it means for your business.

  1. 80% of smartphone owners do not leave the house EVER without it.
  2. When people search for business on a mobile device it results in a 57% higher chance of probability of that customer visiting your store or office.
  3. 51% are more likely to become a customer.
  4. 14.2% of mobile searches result in a visit to the store or businesses location.

Think of an app as a permanent bookmark on your potential customers smartphones.  If your app is useful, and we can help you find a way to make it engaging enough for your user to use it periodically, you will be branded in their minds.  When they need for your product or service comes up, your app is the ultimate reminder of who you are, and you have already given them something useful, so you have broken past most barriers that prevent an internet “window shopper” from becoming a customer.  You will win.

Here are some other benefits to mobile apps for business:

  • Build relationships with your customer BEFORE they become one.
  • Build loyalty by offering value for your customer BEFORE they become one.
  • Reinforce your brand as an icon on their phone.
  • Increase your visibility by being in Itunes and Google Play
  • Increase your accessibility with one finger access from phone.
  • Increase deliverability by bypassing inboxes and spam folders.
  • Connect you with on-the-go buyers
  • Generate repeat business
  • Enhance your social networking strategies


Benefits for your users of the app – They’ll receive:

  • Easy access to your inventory or services
  • Notifications of special events, launches, and more
  • One-touch access to your contact information
  • Directions to your location from wherever they are
  • Fast, seamless appointment scheduling
  • Automatic recording of their next appointment
  • Automatic reminder of their next servicing date
  • A record of their mileage and most recent servicing
  • Embedded QR Code Scanner
  • Free one-on-one Chat
  • Extras: parking markers, loan calculators, and local gas prices and much, much more.

The possibilities are only limited by the imagination.

When apps were first being developed it was not uncommon for a simple iphone app to cost in the several tens of thousands i_love_possibilities_mug-p168760628352219554z89we_400of dollars.  The truth is, that as technology advances, so does the ability to build apps custom for each different business type.  We are not only affordable app developers;  but seasoned marketers that know how to “find and fill a gap” in the marketplace, and apps are a great way to do this.

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